Technology: Instant photo copier - Funkausstellung electronics show in Berlin

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By BARRY FOX and STEVE HOMER The electronic still picture camera developed by Canon has still not caught on, probably because most people want to carry snapshots in their purse or wallet, or put them in an album. Now Canon plans to install video printers in shops so that people can pay for on-the-spot printing of their snapshots. Canon’s Ion camera records 50 images on a 5-centimetre magnetic floppy computer disc. The images can then be displayed on a TV screen. Video printers, which make copies of TV images, cost over Pounds sterling 1000 and the picture quality does not justify the outlay for amateur photographers. Canon hopes that by the end of 1992, over 1000 shops throughout Europe will be offering the printing service. The shop printer is controlled by a personal computer which allows the photographer to specify the framing and cropping of the selected image. Each colour print takes about two minutes to make,